E-commerce Fulfillment

SPARX Logistics offers simple e-commerce fulfillment and shipping solutions for your business, no matter what industry you’re in, or the size your business. We can help you grow your business through easy and hassle free e-commerce options tailored to your needs. With affordable fees and various customization options, you’ll be able to reach your full potential and maximize your profits.

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Parcel Delivery and Customs Clearance

We offer a personalized approach to each industry. Our easy and affordable parcel delivery and customs clearance services bring you flexible supply chain solutions for all your needs. Our level of attention and dedication offers a unique approach to all your parcel delivery services. With us, you can easily deliver goods across borders.

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Import and Export

With us, you don’t need to worry about customs clearance and delivery across borders. We deliver your goods via land, sea, or air, no matter where you are in Canada and the USA. SPARX offers easy export/import solutions that allow for simple tracking and distribution across different countries.

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Storage and Warehouse Services

With state-of-the-art facilities spread through three Canada’s major cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) we are able to provide you with simple and easy warehousing solutions. No matter what industry you’re in, we have the equipment and trained staff to provide you with exceptional storage services. Our staff treats every item with the ultimate care and attention, and we also offer easy inventory management services that make tracking and distribution as simple as possible.

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Custom logistics solutions

At SPARX, we have decades of experience in successful delivery of packages from all kinds of industries. We understand that your business sometimes requires customized logistics solutions that are designed for your specific needs. We are dedicated to simplifying your logistics solutions, and we offer a customized approach to match all your requirements. From special projects air charter to delivery to remote areas across Canada and anywhere in the world, we provide you with customized solutions for all aspects of your supply chain management.

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What makes us different?


We offer affordable logistics solutions for all your supply chain needs


We bring your business closer to the world with world-wide coverage


We work fast, from beginning to end, our goal is to deliver solutions


Every aspect of your supply chain is protected with our safe handling

For business' of all sizes

  • A personalized approach to each client
  • World wide coverage – customized services
  • Fast door to door shipping across countries
  • International and local shipping

Affordable Logistics solutions

For all types of industries

At SPARX logistics, we provide you with simplified shipping and delivery methods no matter what industry you’re in.

There is no business too big or small, and we cover a wide variety of solutions for your business, regardless if you come from the retail/fashion industry, healthcare, or you deal with consumer goods, project cargo, and perishables.

In every shipment, we monitor the entire supply chain with trained staff who handles every single shipment with special care and dedication. With dependable logistics solutions available for all your needs, we make sure you get fast services with dedicated care.

Logistics services for all industries

Expand your possibilities with efficient supply chain solutions tailored to your needs

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