improve-your-e-commerce-businessIf you have started an e-commerce business and you are looking for ways to grow, there are a few essential steps you should take. While these steps are all beneficial, it's not necessary to implement all of them at once but you can develop a plan to steadily bring all of these valuable elements together.


Upselling is the art of persuading a shopper to buy more than they may have originally intended. For example, if a client is searching for a specific product and you manage to sell them an upgrade on that product, then you have successfully upsold. When upselling, make sure that the additional product relates to the first one and try to keep the client's price range in mind.

Instagram Interaction

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps today and it's time to make the most of this marketing opportunity. There are various ways of encouraging engagement on this platform. Some like to run competitions, others prefer to offer a glimpse behind the scenes, and you can even create shoppable posts which allow followers to find and buy your products that much quicker.

Less Abandoned Carts

There are a number of reasons why shoppers abandon their online carts. Sometimes they run out of time or get distracted. Then there are instances where the cost of delivery is higher than the shopper would ideally spend. You can remind shoppers about their shopping cart by sending a friendly email. As for delivery costs, you can lower them by choosing drop shipping instead of the more expensive option of handling all the shipping and packaging yourself.

Shopping on Facebook

Facebook has come a long way since it started out and today you can enjoy the convenience of buying and selling on this platform. If you integrate your Facebook store with your existing online store, you can keep track of your stock much easier and you won't have to keep a separate inventory for each.

Grow Your Mailing List

shopping-online-sparxSome might say that email is not worth investing in but the truth is that it is still as relevant as ever. The rate at which social media newsfeeds refresh with new content is staggering and your posts can easily be missed. An email, however, is sent directly to the existing or potential client which makes it that much more effective. Try promoting your blog, newsletter, and other free online services or content to encourage more subscribers to sign up. Remember to keep them hooked by providing fresh and interesting content too!

When emailing your client list, make sure that you regularly give something back - like special offers, discounts, or coupons. You can also create a wish list on your e-commerce site and use this list to remind your clients about all the products they were interested in during their previous visits.

User-friendly Website

If a site has pages or links that don't work or is simply difficult to navigate, that will lead to frustration and they are far more likely to leave. Keep your site simple, easy to use, and easy on the eyes. The more the user enjoys using your site, the more they will stick around.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping makes things more efficient, effective, and affordable. At SPARX Logistics, we specialize in local and international shipping, e-commerce fulfillment, storage and warehouse facilities, and other custom logistics solutions.

Encourage Reviews

Encourage clients to leave reviews by keeping it simple and quick. You can allow them to leave comments on your website, rate you on Facebook, or even direct them to your company page on another online review platform.

Online Content Marketing

There are plenty of ways of engaging your followers online. It's best to invest in several approaches so that you appeal to various groups of people. Some may prefer social media, others enjoy podcasts, and there are also blog readers, for example. Promoting your online content is excellent for getting clients' interest and keeping them coming back.

User-generated Content

People love getting involved online and it's so easy to do so these days. Encourage your clients to post photos of them enjoying your products and this will help build your brand and trust. Many companies host competitions or offer coupons for clients who participate in online engagement.

Mobile Optimization

Online shopping does not only occur on computers. Many shoppers either use their mobile device to browse and even buy products without so much as even turning on their laptop or desktop computer! All the more reason to invest in mobile optimization to make your website easy to use on any device.

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