As a business owner, you know that good time management is the key to increasing profits. When you deal with shipping, you need to incorporate reliable strategies to make business easier. Developing a good shipping method is crucial to keeping you on top of competition. Here are some essential shipping and fulfillment strategies you absolutely have to know to make your business successful:

Choose a shipping method that works for you

sparx-shippingIn other words, find a shipping strategy that will grow with you. From the start, you will have to create shipments, print labels, verify addresses and even handle complaints and returns. For the most part, you will also have to incorporate additional capabilities like cost allocation, find the best rates and so on. SPARX logistics offers all of these capabilities in its shipping systems, and works with you to find the best strategy and shipping solution that matches your specific business needs.

Know the size of the box

It is very important to know the box sizes when you do shipping, especially if you use freight and ground shipping. The boxes should properly sized and weighed to be shipped ground or freight. The more boxes you ship, the better it will be for you since most carriers give discounts on large shipments.

Outsourcing shipping is a great solution

There are numerous ways in which you can save on shipping, and outsourcing is the ideal solution to deal with your costs. Outsourcing to SPARX logistics, for example, will save you a lot of money in the long run. Think about it, when you outsource your shipping, you don't have to worry about expenses such as warehousing, rentals, personnel and more. In addition, shipping services such as SPARX give you the option of storing your products, while ensuring reliable delivery and excellent customer service.

Use fulfillment center discounts

Fulfillment centers such as SPARX can provide you with excellent discounts due to greater shipping volumes. Not only will your business benefit from the expertise and experience that will take care of your fulfillment needs, but you will also enjoy the great benefits of not having to worry about the entire shipping process.

Consolidate packages

Package consolidation means that you should ship products in as little parcels that are optimally sized. Of course, to be able to do package consolidation, requires well planned inventory and warehouse management that will bundle the orders from a single customer in the right order. With SPARX, this is an easy metric to monitor with state of the art facilities and methods at your disposal 24/7.

Strategically choose the location of your fulfillment centre

If you're using a third party company such as SPARX logistics for your warehousing needs, you should choose your location wisely. The important thing to note is that the ideal location is not necessarily located in the same place you have your business. Rather than focusing on your own location, focus on where your customers come from. For example, SPARX Logistics offers three locations strategically placed throughout three major cities in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) to provide you with a wider coverage area when it comes to your shipping.

Package products efficiently

The best advice you could ever get for your shipping solutions is to find a way to package products in an effective way. Best practices so far indicate that it is best not to use packages that are too small or too large. In addition, you should use airy and light packing material will help you save on shipping costs while adding an extra layer of protection for your products.

Go global from the start

save-on-shippingSmall businesses are now quickly learning that size isn't actually the most important thing, especially when it comes to ecommerce. There are so many opportunities outside of the Canadian market that should definitely be explored. By providing you with international shipping tools and trade resources, SPARX Logistics can help you smooth out customs clearance and help you in doing business overseas. Find out which shipping solutions work best for you and start saving and growing on a global level with SPARX!