Shipping as the Key Aspect of Your Business

aspects-of-ecommerceAs a business owner, you know that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to provide your customers with a good experience. From image to store layout, you think of every little detail to make your customers happy. In general, your goal is to get more customers to know and talk about your brand. That's why you started dealing with ecommerce in the first place.

However, when you are dealing with shipping, it may seem to you that you're giving away your brand to a stranger, because most of the aspects are in someone else's hands. Nevertheless, if you choose a good shipping company that works with you to improve your business and if you do some careful planning and research, you can easily make every aspect of shipping work for your advancement. Above all, it is very important to outline an easy and clearly defined shipping strategy.

The World of Shipping and Fulfillment

Shipping is a key part of every aspect of your business. With SPARX, it doesn't have to be a major expense. Depending on your shipping strategy, SPARX logistics can provide you with the right solutions that lead you to success. Let's go over the basics of shipping and fulfillment and help clarify the process. We'll cover the shipping strategy, packaging, tracking and storage and how SPARX Logistics can help you in the process.

Shipping Strategy Breakdown

Some basics that set a good foundation for your shipping include shipping rates and product weights. Before you start shipping, you'll have to figure out the right strategy, and this includes deciding on shipping methods and rates -whether you will pass the full shipping cost on to your client, or will you be the one covering these costs in partial or full - and product weight.

Extra Tip: You can decide to offer free shipping on a minimum order amount. This way, you can minimize shipping costs by increasing your average order size. Plus, you will be getting a defined minimum out of every order, which will ultimately increase your profits.

When it comes to product weight a good way to keep track of everything is to measure the weight of all your products. That way, you can update the overall weight of each product you sell, making it easier for you to get a good sense of overall costs and maintain accuracy in your prices.

Packaging and Marketing

As ecommerce continues to grow popular among customers all over the world, it also becomes more competitive. With this development, you are forced to be creative not only in the way you do your marketing and how you represent your brand, but you also have to be unique when it comes to packaging.

The shipping, packaging and presentation of products has become a part of the whole ecommerce experience, which means that you are supposed to go above and beyond to impress your customers by exceeding their expectations. Think about the ways in which you can present yourself better to your customers using nothing else but the package.

Extra Tip: Keep your packages small and light. This helps save on shipping expenses and keeps packaging costs from eating away your profits.

Tracking and Storage

tracking-and-storageA fulfillment warehouse can handle and help automate the shipping for you. When you choose to work with a fulfillment warehouse, you store your products at one of their warehouses. For example, SPARX Logistics offers premium warehousing and storage services for your products in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Depending on the level of integration with your shopping cart, we can pick, pack and ship the purchase on your behalf hassle-free.

There are so many advantages of using a fulfillment warehouse. These include lower rates and shorter shipping times. Fulfillment warehouses like the ones we at SPARX offer, allow for cheaper shipping rates because of large quantities for many vendors. In addition, partnering with a shipping and fulfillment company means that you can store your products in various locations, which results in easier availability to more customers.

Keep up with the Good Work

Even though shipping is a challenging aspect for any ecommerce business, everything is a matter of careful planning and partnering with the right experts. Every business has its unique challenges that it needs to solve in order to find the best shipping strategy.

The best thing about ecommerce is that you can shift and change the conditions to make them work for you. Once you have everything set up, don't just leave it aside to go stale. Try to monitor best practices and compare costs and solutions to get the best out of the whole adventure. For example, you can try to re-evaluate on a yearly or a semi-yearly basis to deliver only the best results to your customers and your business.